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Laser Hair Removal, Wirral

Laser Hair Removal, Wirral

We have been doing laser hair removal in Wirral, since 1998.

We currently have a British made, medical grade laser, Polaris.

The number of treatments of laser hair removal required depends on the colour and thickness of hair in relation to the colour of skin. Dark thick hair on pale skin will have the quickest clearance.

Most people need anything in the region of 6–8 treatments to clear the hair, at intervals of 3–4 weeks.

Because hair grows in cycles, several sessions are necessary in order to affect all hair on any given area.

Prior to booking, we offer a free laser consultation and patch test which takes approx 20–30 minutes and includes a thorough check on medical history and an explanation of how hair removal with laser works. This consultation will determine how long your particular area/s require as everyone is different. We charge by the time and depending on the size of the area/s we would quote during this consultation.

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