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Clarins go Vegan!

Clarins has launched a new line of products which have vegan ingredients and won't be sold in…

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Healthy food for healthy skin

The age old saying goes “we are what we eat.” This proves to be true…

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3D SkinMed – Non-Surgical Face Lift

3D Skinmed HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) is the latest addition to the range of…

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Laser Hair Removal, Wirral

We have been doing laser hair removal in Wirral, since 1998. We currently have a…

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Threading is an ancient hair removal technique originating from Asia. In threading, a thin cotton…

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SPIRULINA: A microalga with maximum effect!

Consumed as early as the Inca era, this freshwater green microalga is packed with nutrients.…

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Several reasons why Christmas is good for you

You could be forgiven for thinking the festive season is not great for our health…

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The simple soup French women love

You can eat your way to gorgeous, clear skin and women in France have a…

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The real beauty question – Relaxation!

Help, I’m on the brink of burnout! What can I do to relax? While some…

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